Releasing flow and recharging energy, which is when your natural healing ability starts working in its optimum condition.

A qualified therapist devotes all their techniques to mend your damaged stream and remove your sufferings.


There is nothing to be prepared for having a KOHKI Treatment session. You only need to call us for booking, visit our office-cum-studio, and have a short talk about your concerns or present symptoms at first (of course it's OK with nothing but "just need to get refreshed!" as half of our regular clients do so). And then lie on a massage table with relaxed mind.

You don't even have to take off your clothes as the applied herbal energy can penetrate through thin clothes and reach deep layers of the body. Its feeling is fantastic, different from others, not hot or invasive, rather extremely comfortable so that most clients start breathing deeply from the abs and gradually fall into complete relaxation mode.

We applies "Kinitsu" - a piece of heated herbal incense covered with the original tube - on the body, at some targeted points and along specific lines which are based on the meridian theory of Japanese traditional medicine. Treatment sequences may vary depending on the conditions or symptoms of the patient, but our goal is always the same. Finding out where the natural flow is disturbed, we strive to ease tension, relieve congestion and align the total balance of the patient's body. During the treatment, you may feel your inner circulation getting smooth, stiffness & swellings gone, life energy recharged, and then will find yourself totally refreshed & detoxified without discomfort.


This is a purely organic & holistic treatment which is all conducted through hands of a therapist and the herbal energy from "Kinitsu". No chemicals nor electrical devices are used in KOHKI. In spite of this, it actually has a great effect not only on everyday sufferings such as stiff muscles, backache & digestive troubles, but also on various kinds of symptoms or syndromes (whether named or unnamed) that come from dysfunction of organs, hormones or nervous system. There are many amazing reports from KOHKI's fans spreading around the world about the cases of difficult and persistent sufferings overcome through this therapy.


Besides normal sessions at our studio office, we are offering different opportunities for people inexperienced or without accessibility to enjoy this treatment: such as outdoor session at weekend organic markets, mobile service to private home, office space and others. Kids, aged, being pregnant...this treatment is safe and works for everybody in various needs.  


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TREATMENT PRICE         (Japanese Moxa) 

Extra Deep – $80 for 90 min

Whole Body – $60 for 60 min

Partial Relief – $40 for 30 min

Facial Detox - $30 for 20 min                 


TREATMENT PRICE       (Remedial Massage)

Whole Body - $80 for 60 min

Partial Relief - $50 for 30 min

*Health Fund rebates available / We can accept credit card (Visa or Master)

MOBILE SERVICE available (ask us for details)