100% organic medicinal herb. No chemicals nor preservatives

The incenses used in KOHKI Therapy are made from moxa and other various kinds of medicinal herbs. Each from organic product of nature, processed all by hands spending a long time without any chemicals. Too much concerned in spite that they are not for use as food but just a treatment material? However, such strong preferences & passions for the real things make this therapy as it is, remain it unchanged, loved and inherited through generations. Natural healing in truly deep relaxation arises from the real natural things, that's what we believe long from our great predecessors' teachings.




Quest for an authentic method. Pursuit of universal benefits.

We always keep in mind a simple question: what the genuine method of healing is; how a practice can be beneficial to everybody in need, with substantial outcome free from deception or illusion. We always seek for, and put the most emphasis on tangible effects with our clients. KOHKI Therapy is not something like a magical hocus-pocus, but one of serious approaches against our still not-fully-unveiled body and mind complex. Let you try it once, and then judge whether it is something for you or not. We assure you that it feels quite different from other modalities and is worth trying.