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We are promoting an authentic alternative method for D.I.Y. healthcare


Welcome to KOHKI Workshops

Are you interested in acquiring "Do It Yourself" methods for your healthy lifestyle? Then why not join our workshops that are held at various opportunities, which is the quickest way to know about KOHKI's way of self-care. Understanding the perspective of meridian and "Qi" that are invisible but surely work for us, go forward to use "Kinitsu" yourself and feel the herbal energy actually comes & effects on your body. We believe you will get some unique awareness every time there. For more details please follow our Facebook and check the latest information uploaded.


Release your toxins through powerful self-care

Besides the workshops we regularly hold exercise and self-care lesson classes at our studio. For beginners to come in touch with, and for experienced to learn further, customize and brush up the skill according to each condition and constitution. Anyway our goal is always the same: release the flow and recharge the organic energy so that your natural healing ability could work at its full potentiality. It is a great confidence that you can take control of yourself and your body through portable tools and genuine methods of your own, which is what we really want to spread and share with everybody in the world.


meridian exercise "Kohki"

What is KOHKI's self-care and how is it going like actually? For those in such questions, let's see the short instruction videos of our meridian exercise "Kohki" uploaded in the right hand. These exercises are based on the traditional meridian theory, designed to expand and circulate the energy streaming around our body and stretch the muscles interrelated, with the great help of the heated herbal incense. Of course this is just an introduction of its profound and insightful method which you can learn with more guides and details. Worthwhile to have a go! 


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