It's a Japanese style Photo-thermo therapy featuring Moxa


Old-but-newest method called ‘KOHKI Therapy’ (光輝療法)


Feel 100% organic herbal energy

penetrate & circulate throughout your body 


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KOHKI Therapy -光輝療法- literally means "a therapy of brilliant light". It uses the natural light energy emitted from burning moxa incense to enhance the circulation, heal damaged tissues and refresh your body & mind into a state of harmonious tranquility. Do not hesitate to contact us today and feel its amazing effect on various sufferings... 


Exercise / Self care

Besides 1 on 1 clinical treatment, we are passionate about sharing authentic self-healthcare methods including our original meridian exercise "Kohki" through various chances of workshops & tutorial sessions. With the heated herb in your hand as a source of life energy (Chi), you can feel "the flow" of your own body and conduct an easy self care anytime at your private space... 

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Therapist Training

How about learning the oriental wisdom for your new challenge? For the people who have an interest in working as a therapist, or are seeking for a worthwhile modality to acquire, we are willing to offer the professional training course to become a qualified KOHKI Therapist, which covers theories and therapeutic skills all necessary for practices...

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